I hate people who do blogs that are basically a recap of things they did today. Today however, was special and fun. To get the best grasp of how  much different things are, I looked back at my notes for my first full day in Turkey:
“wake up at 3am, thanks to jet lag I am unable to get back to sleep. Yippee. I read one of the four books i brought with me. Around eight am, I get up and go for a walk. A large circle letting me see more of campus. Its big and overgrown and the sidewalk is out to kill me. We have a turkish lesson with my professor who seems very cool. After that we attempt to find a place to eat.  We get lost on the way back to the dorm. I go for a run on the track and it turns into a walk. I talk briefly with people and students that I see. I am super bored and dont know what to do.  I get on facebook and listen to music. I think this place had the potential to be awesome right now, but I am either too dead or overwhelmed, and can’t take it all in. But I expected that too. Its good to know that despite all my weirdness if you take me out of my environment I get lost and confused, but I avoid getting angry or anything. I think thats good. The view from my window is so beautiful it really helps too.”

Now for today’s entry:
“went to bed at 3am after hanging with Halouf and Mehmet. I get up at 9am, take a deathly cold shower and start studying turkish while listening to “Jack Sparrow” by The Lonely Island and Eminem. I go to a computer lab and chat with Bertan for a while before chilling out and writing about my cultural experience. I grab Laura and Ari from the dorm before going to carsi to print something off for class and then we all walk across campus to a buffet for lunch. Heading into turkish class I am a bit afraid. The professor sets us at ease and we all start talking in very halted, semi-prepared sentences, and he offers to buy us snacks  on our break. The turkish final itself goes well and I am glad to be done with that class. We will attempt to meet up with him for beers later. Head back to the dorm, take a shower and chat with Jeff, a Canadien on the trip, before heading down to meet Sanam and Laura and Michelle for dinner. We finally indulge in kunefe, a special desert and then go play guitar hero in the basement. Headibg back to our dorm it looks like its going to rain for the third time since we arrived.”

I think this says a good bit.


About Josh Wolf

I am a huge fan of life in it's entirety. Luckily for me, I study the field of communications, which just so happens to cover anything I want it to.
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3 Responses to Today

  1. Alfonse says:

    It sounds like things are finally coming together for you in the end. Eminem does “Jack Sparrow” too?

  2. piecemealpacker says:

    Well I sent you a reply but, it vanished and I don’t know if it sent or went to Mars instead! Anyway I basically said, you’ve really done an extraordinary thing by doing this trip, and really made a lifelong learning experience out of a summer vacation- like I always had said you should. Now continue to check out your feelings and experiences back Home, after Gaining this new way of looking at the world. We’ll sure be glad to have you back.

  3. piecemealpacker says:

    … And I’ll bet that now, your “selection” to go to Turkey and not one of those other really Cool places, looks like it was the smartest way to go!

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